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Career options

Support services
We are a world-class multi services provider. Find out more on the exciting opportunities in accommodation, cleaning, health & wellbeing, security, facilities management and plenty more support services.
Food services
We’re all about great food and we're passionate about great service. Find out more on the exciting opportunities in Food Services, Hospitality, and Customer Service.
Operational management
Wherever we provide great service to our customers, we need exceptional operational managers to lead teams, set performance targets and ensure our standards are of the highest quality.


kitchen staff
Supporting Compass Group's operational teams in both food and support services are our shared and corporate functions. They ensure supplies of food and equipment, transport and market knowledge are always available, so that the people throughout our business can do their jobs effectively.
Students & graduates
As one of the top 10 largest employers in the world, we can give you the opportunity to explore different career paths and create an exciting, challenging and rewarding future.
Current employees
Are you a Compass Group employee looking for your next career opportunity? To help you find your next position, take advantage of our great resources.

So much choice

The first and most important reason to choose a career with Compass has to be variety:  there are a huge number of jobs we have on offer. From roles in foodservice, support services and management, to careers within our corporate offices, there’s plenty to choose from.

We have the places to work, jobs, careers, people to work with and the experiences to deliver these real opportunities, whether you are looking for variety, to develop a career path or just want to do a great job as part of a team and know that your contribution is valued. If you share our values and have the talent and the drive, we will provide you with the real opportunities to develop your career and realise your potential.

You'll find our operations in the offices of the world's leading organisations; in schools and universities; in hospitals; at the world's most prestigious sporting events; and on oil-rigs and on mining sites.