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Opportunities for current employees

Are you a Compass employee looking for your next career opportunity?

Our Promise

Compass Group is committed to providing opportunities for all and we want our people to be the best they can be. As it is so important to our culture, we have an internal careers website.

We are a diverse, growth-oriented organisation. Our goal is to improve the quality of our employees’ work and home life by using fair and consistent treatment and providing equal career opportunities for all employees.

Open Positions

As soon as they become available, open positions, which are considered promotion and/or development opportunities, are posted on our internal career website. To search for open positions, find the jobs link on Compasslive! Please note that this site is for existing Compass Group employees only and a login is required.

If you locate a position of interest and wish to apply, complete the online application process. Please be sure you are familiar with the updated Compass Group internal position eligibility requirements.


All employees can be transferred to a similar position type or role level at the discretion of the Area Manager or General Manager, simply write a transfer request to your manager. You might be interested in expanding your experience at a different site, learning a new business sector or looking to relocate to a new home suburb.

Posting New Opportunities - For Hiring Managers

Log your recruitment requests on ‘The Hub’ Compass Service Portal and this instantly transfers to the relevant recruitment team. Once allocated to a Recruiter you will receive a confirmation email.

Internal Opportunity Protocol

All employees who wish to apply for a posted position must meet the essential criteria as outlined in the advert and position description. This includes qualifications, skills and meeting the following:

  • Length of Service Requirements – employees are required to complete a minimum of 6 months service in their current position and site. (For some WA ESS positions other conditions might apply)
  • An employee must be performing at a "competent" level as his/her overall performance level, in his/her current position as recorded in his/her last performance appraisal.
  • An employee is required to inform his/her Manager of his/her formal application to a vacant position at Compass. Failure to inform his/her manager may result in the employee being deemed ineligible to apply for the position.
  • Employees can apply to only one position at a time (a senior manager will need to approve any exceptions to this protocol).