Great people, real opportunities

Career development is a two-way process at Compass. We provide you with the training to expand upon your skills and ability – all you have to do is make the most of every development opportunity.

In short, it’s your actions, attitude and ability that make you ready for greater responsibility – and your next role with us. Some of our senior people in Operations and Sales began their careers as chefs. They built their expertise in one area and applied it to another. You could do that, too.

My Career in Action

Through career planning, you can evaluate your skills, abilities, interests and lifestyle, review available career opportunities, establish career goals, and plan career developmental activities.

Our Career Planning Process includes the following steps:

  • Determine your Career Path
  • Create your individualised Career Path
  • Utilise the Performance Appraisal Process to set goals and document your successes
  • Maximise your development through your Personal Development Plan
How far you go with Compass really is up to you. There are plenty of opportunities for those with the right blend of talent and tenacity.

Career Paths

With varied job roles across an impressive range of business sectors, Compass Group people have a wide choice of career paths they can follow.

Our main career paths are:

  • Managerial path
  • Technical/Specialist positions
  • Professional positions
On all these paths, your career growth can mean moving around the organisation - whether it be sideways or to a different level of the organisation, or gaining experience in a different sector, a change in career direction or modifying your role in order to fit your lifestyle choices.

Access to all opportunities

As soon as positions become available, they are posted on our internal careers site for employees.
Food service chef
Operations manager