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FIFO employees given support to get health & fitness back on track

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Jan 30, 2013

A health and fitness program run by one of Australia’s largest mining services companies has seen 1,412 FIFO workers lose an incredible 3,872 kilos, debunking the myth that a healthy lifestyle is not a priority for Australia’s FIFO workforce.

ESS Support Services Worldwide (ESS) is committed to giving the thousands of residents in its care throughout Australian mining villages the tools to improve their health and lifestyle choices and does this through the delivery of its Tastelife program, which includes an annual 12 week Tastelife Weight Loss Challenge.

During the 12 week Challenge FIFO workers participate in activities to increase their awareness about weight gain and improve their overall health, fitness and lifestyle choices through a program of activities coordinated by onsite ESS Activelife coaches.

ESS Executive Director – Operations, Paul Nugent said participants in the Challenge completed fortnightly confidential weigh-ins and various exercise and nutrition challenges throughout the 12 weeks.

“During the Challenge the onsite Activelife coaches – who deliver ESS’s onsite health and lifestyle program throughout the year – offered exercise programs, nutritional advice, personal training sessions and motivational lectures in addition to information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle while being a FIFO,” said Mr Nugent.

“ESS also has a team of exercises physiologists and nutritionists that provided additional support from Perth,” he said.

The overall winner of the 12 Week Tastelife Weight Loss Challenge, Dave Law from Queensland, lost a total of 24.5 per cent of his body weight.

Mr Law said he decided to join the challenge because he had become lazy.

“I became frustrated by being overweight when I realised I couldn’t tie my boots comfortably. I was always fit and healthy in my younger days and just became lazier as I got older. Now I enjoy feeling fit, healthy and being active. It’s important to find something you enjoy. At the start when I was overweight, being active wasn’t so enjoyable, however, once you start losing weight it becomes easier to stick to it,” said Mr Law.

Many FIFO workers can find it hard to maintain their healthy eating and exercise regime onsite but year-round programs such as Tastelife can support residents to maintain their healthy habits. For those who have slipped out of routine and need a bit of extra help, the 12 Week Tastelife Weight Loss Challenge can be the motivation to get their diet and physical activity back on track.

The Tastelife program is available to all sites where ESS delivers catering and support services.

FIFO employees given support to get health & fitness back on track