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Meet Alexa Spas

Alexa Spas
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Alexa Spas, Chef

With a certificate in culinary nutrition it’s easy to see why Alexa Spas has a passion for healthy, conscious eating with a ‘plant-forward’ focus.

Alexa’s interest in food has always had a healthy edge and since she can remember, she looked at a recipe and then adapted it, making it just a little bit healthier.

“Growing up around Ottawa, ON, Canada, my family had turkeys and chickens and the biggest garden I had ever seen. At the age of four I would sit at the picnic table with my Nanny picking feathers from the birds, preparing them for that evening’s supper. Some of my fondest memories were sitting in the garden for hours counting peas in their pods and walking around with a bowl of sugar, ripping rhubarb from the ground and dipping the ends in the sugar, snacking away.”

It was this interest in health and wellness that saw her on the front page of the food section of her local paper, The Ottawa Citizen, early on in her career. The paper featured her juice and plant-based cleanse business ‘Flexi Lexi’, which was part of the emerging juice scene in Ottawa. Starting small for friends the business grew rapidly through word of mouth.

A vegetarian for environmental reasons, Alexa is drawn to pops of colour that natural ingredients give - think turmeric and beetroot!

“What I love about Australia is so many ingredients are grown here, in Ontario we only have about a four-month window for fresh, locally grown produce.”

Her passion for cooking is underpinned by many layers of satisfaction. Seeing people enjoy the taste of the food she prepares is fundamental but now, more than ever, seeing their satisfaction when they realise plant- based dishes can satisfy hunger.

Changing people’s mindset on the subject really is the fuel to doing more and more. Alexa creates inspiring dishes and weekly menus that are completely her own and many of her customers have enjoyed her signature braised tofu dish that turns any tofu-hater into a tofu- lover.

As a plant forward chef, Alexa is excited to see the movement spreading and with the increasing pressures placed on the environment, she truly believes that “every bite counts.”

We can’t wait to see how this changemaker influences people to take the necessary steps towards healthier, more sustainable eating habits.

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