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Aged Care

Medirest is the largest provider of support services to the Aged Care industry in Australia servicing over 8000 residents in nearly 100 facilities nationally.

Medirest is aware that food service in the Aged Care industry is a specialist and constantly evolving environment. Medirest’s cyclic menus are developed in consultation with residents, relatives and facility staff to ensure preferences, expectations and cultural requirements are met.

Menus are reviewed seasonally using this collaborative process which ensures continued variety with minimum repetition. We are mindful of the fact that meal times are often the highlight of the day for a majority of residents and therefore the menus must be appropriate, interesting and offer a variety of foods. Once the menu items have been agreed upon, the menus are analysed by Medirest’s dietitian to ensure they meet with the nutritional guidelines and requirements.

We are conscious of the increasing number of residents who require some form of texture modification, the special needs of residents with dementia and the changing demands of the residents in extra service.  Medirest are working on further advances in Texture modification of meals over the next 12 months which will bring further enhancements to our services.