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We have developed Steamplicity, an award winning food preparation system designed to improve the quality of food and service standards in residential care, senior living and community settings. Steamplicity maintains the freshness and flavour of food while giving you greater choice and flexibility at mealtimes.

Steamplicity meals are cooked to perfection in just 3 to 5 minutes using a unique patented valve system that uses steam pressure to perfectly cook fresh ingredients.

This means the ingredients retain their natural flavour making the meals more delicious and more nutritious. Best of all they are cooked fresh when you want them.

The steam-cook method is recognised by nutritionists, dietitians and healthcare professionals as one of the healthiest ways to prepare food.

Steamplicity provides freshly cooked appetising meals directly to patients, visitors and staff in minutes:

• Great meals which appeal to all tastes

• Enjoyable, visually attractive, tasty food

• Cooked within minutes of you being ready to eat your meal

• Over 20 menu choice ensures you never get bored

• Nutritionally balanced recipes approved by accredited practicing dietitians

• Effortless quality and consistency every time

• The freshest ingredients.

For more information about Steamplicity, please visit:

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