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DietCare is our complete package of resources specific to assisted care residents, to ensure the nutritional needs of  residents are met, and help them to reduce the risk of diet related diseases.

Meeting the nutritional needs of our residents is key to providing a quality food service.  Unique to Medirest , DietCare provides a complete program of resources specific to senior living residents to ensure nutritional needs are met.  

DietCare looks at the food service process from preparation in the kitchen through to meal consumption consisting of three main components:

Dietetic standards

This includes how we cater for residents requiring specialised diets.  For example, high energy high protein diets, diabetic diets and those requiring thickened fluids.

Diet order and diet review standards

This involves the review of current diet ordering processes onsite and the implementation, if necessary, of DietCare forms and procedures.

Menu, Recipe and Service Standards

This includes menu planning standards, menu templates and standard serve sizes.

How does DietCare benefit our clients?

  • Facilitates a smooth flow of information from the care staff to the food service staff.
  • Closes the loop in terms of a resident’s diet, changes to a diet and monitoring the consumption of the food itself.
  • Assists to identify any weight loss/malnutrition issues via the monitoring of food consumption.
  • Ensures residents with specific dietary requirements (i.e. diabetics, texture modified diets) receive the appropriate foods.
  • Complies with the Aged Care Accreditation Standards.
  • Standardised approach enables nutritional content of meals and snacks is available.
  • Integrated dietetic and food service systems and protocols.
DietCare tasty salad
DietCare roasted vegetables
DietCare chicken dinner