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Compass Group and KIDS Foundation: working together to promote safety

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Jun 25, 2012

In an illustration of its commitment to safety as behaviour for life Compass Group (Australia) will work with childhood injury prevention charity KIDS (Kids in Dangerous Situations) Foundation to arrest the shocking number of children suffering injuries every year.  

KIDS Foundation works in the area of childhood injury prevention and injury recovery, aimed at reducing the 5000 children who, on average, are injured every day in serious accidents – like KIDS Foundation, Compass Group think this number should be zero. 

Compass Group’s partnership with KIDS Foundation will ensure the Foundation can continue deliver its nationally recognised safety education programs and research into childhood injury. With Compass Group’s support the programs, which adopt a child-centred approach to fostering lifelong safety within the home, workplace and community, can be delivered to more schools throughout Australia.

Compass Group will this year support a KIDS Foundation Marketing and Events Officer, to be based in Compass’s Sydney office. This position will work on developing a 12 month community engagement program, focusing on promoting KIDS Foundation’s childhood injury prevention and injury recovery programs in schools in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia. 

Another important part of Compass’s partnership with KIDS Foundation is as major sponsorship of the charity’s flagship event, Ride to Port Charity Cycle Challenge.

This event sees determined cyclists ride 1200 kilometres over seven days in support of KIDS Foundation. Over $200,000 was raised by 26 cyclists in the inaugural challenge in 2011 and in 2012 the second challenge saw around $300,000 raised.

Compass Group’s support of KIDS Foundation shows the company’s commitment to safety is not limited to the workplace – by supporting the Foundation’s programs it is able to spread its message that safety is behaviour for life in the communities it operates in around Australia.

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Compass Group and KIDS Foundation - working together to promote safety