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Biodiesel fuel helping to drive Indigenous engagement in the Pilbara

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Feb 08, 2013

One of Western Australia’s largest mining services companies – ESS Support Services Worldwide (ESS) – will recycle 100 per cent of its used cooking oil into biodiesel fuel through a landmark deal with Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation (AAC).

ESS is the first catering company to enter into such agreement with AAC which will see the two organisations move towards a sustainable future as well as providing economic engagement for the Pilbara’s Indigenous community. 

The agreement will see in excess of 200,000 litres of used cooking oil recycled by AAC’s subsidiary AshOil into biodiesel fuel every year; a global mining company working in the Pilbara uses the biodiesel for drilling and blasting operations at its mine. 

ESS Executive Director Paul Nugent said the agreement with AshOil was an example of ESS leading its industry in environmental initiatives and Indigenous engagement. 

“ESS has been working with AshOil since early 2010 but giving the company exclusive access to 100 per cent of our used cooking oil for recycling shows ESS is committed to practical strategies that deliver tangible environmental benefits,” Mr Nugent said. 

“The partnership also means ESS will increase its support of the Indigenous communities it operates in; by guaranteeing AshOil access to over 200,000 litres of used cooking oil every year, ESS is contributing to the company’s scope of training, educating and employing local job seekers. 

“Such an agreement wouldn’t be possible without the great existing relationship ESS has with AshOil,” said Mr Nugent. 

AAC’s CEO Janet Brown said, “The mining companies operating in the Pilbara region go through one billion litres of mineral diesel every year, a cost that is now impacted by the carbon tax.” 

“The biodiesel fuel produced by AshOil can help mining companies reduce their costs and the environmental impacts of their operations. 

“By ESS giving AshOil guaranteed access to its used cooking oil, the organisation can pursue additional business opportunities in the region and build on its program of economic engagement for the local Indigenous community.

“Relationships like the one AshOil has with ESS is pivotal to ensuring we can continue to grow as a business which benefits the environment and the local community,” said Ms Brown. 

About AshOil

AshOil Ptd Ltd is based in Tom Price and was created in 2010 as a fully owned subsidiary of Ashburton Aboriginal Corporation (AAC), of which all committee members are Traditional Owners of differing language groups found in the shire of Ashburton. AAC’s purpose is to provide direct services to enable Aboriginal people to participate in training, employment and economic opportunity. Since 2005 AAC has assisted over 1000 people in the Pilbara transition into full time employment through various programs including the Community Development Employment Program (CDEP), Job Services Australia (JSA), the Indigenous Employment Program (IEP) and through AAC’s own training organisation Pilbara Training Services.

Biodiesel fuel helping to drive Indigenous engagement in the Pilbara