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Nutritiouslife is part of Compass Group’s health and lifestyle program known as Tastelife.

This award-winning program is aimed at educating people about good nutrition and leading a healthy and active lifestyle.  Nutritiouslife focuses on moderation and variety and on providing options and education to help our customers make wise food choices. 

The program has a nutritional rating system, portion plates, consumer collateral providing insight on trends, topical issues and recommendations and monthly promotions.

Supported by a team of seven qualified dieticians and nutritionists nationally who work closely with our culinary teams, Nutritiouslife  is currently operating in more than 400 sites for the resources, business and industry, education, defence and healthcare sectors of our business.

When combined with Activelife or Healthylife packages within the Tastelife program, we ensure a healthy, happy and productive workforce and community in addition long lasting, positive effects on the individual and the workplace.