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Caffe Liscio

The Italian Experience!

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Caffè Liscio is a premium cafe brand designed to deliver the essence of a contemporary, stylish Italian pavement café and addresses a growing demand for a modern, premium coffee and food offering within the work-place.

At Caffè Liscio we take espresso coffee very seriously, but you’ll always find a healthy dose of humour and a friendly smile.

The Menu

Caffè Liscio offers a full cooked breakfast range, cooked to order fresh pasta dishes, gourmet pizza range with a selection of sides and accompaniments and other Italian meal favourites.

A range of ready to toast filled ciabatta and Turkish sandwiches complement the lunch menu with fillings including chicken schnitzel, baby rocket and Swiss cheese, smoked ham, roma tomato and cheddar cheese or roasted vegetables with basil pesto.

The lunch menu also features its own signature thin crust pizza slices, topped with a range of classic pizza ingredients, finished with mozzarella and a hint of parmesan cheese.

Caffe Liscio
Caffe Liscio
Caffe Liscio exterior