Compass Commitments

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One team, three commitments

A commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.
Our promise is made up of three important commitments.

We want Compass Group to be an amazing place to work. We are a people business. The quality of everything we do for our clients is down to the dedication and skill of our people. 

We want Compass to be an organisation where people feel valued, respected, supported, cared for, and are happy. The Commitments are ensuring that our behaviours – both as an organisation, and towards each other support that goal.

The commitments are a set of three principles that define in clear, simple terms what we want to offer to everyone who works here.


We treat each other fairly and with respect
We know fairness, respect and courtesy come first. We celebrate individuality and appreciate everyone’s contribution.


We have opportunities to develop and progress
We develop our people. We support and encourage everyone to build their skills and fulfill their potential.


We work as part of a positive and caring team
We work in great teams. We care for each other and our customers and we enjoy what we do.

We listened to our people to find out what was important to them through research, interviews and more recently, a global survey. 

As a result of the People Survey, we have developed action plans and prioritised next steps to make Respect, Growth and Teamwork the hallmarks of working at Compass.

By living the Commitments every day, we will all continue to build a culture of which we can be proud.