Sustainable Impact


Our rigorous Supply Chain processes, systems and continuous improvement strategies drive compliance to our quality and ethical framework for both approved suppliers and products.


Globally we are proud to be ranked amongst the group of Fortune 50 companies that Change the World due to positive social impact, and to be listed in the ‘FTSE4Good’ Index of companies accredited for their environmental and ecological strategies, policies and practices. 


Engaging Indigenous Business

At present, we engage with over 40 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business suppliers in our supply chain. We partner with these businesses through Supply Nation, Australia’s leading supplier diversity organisation that connects Australian corporate and government organisations with registered and certified Indigenous Suppliers, and of whom we are a proud founding corporate member.

local, sustainable sourcing, indigenous engagement
Corporate Social Responsibility

Reducing Waste

We order more than 50,000 tonnes of fresh food per year. Operating as we do in some of the country’s most remote and sensitive environments, we work closely with clients and suppliers to plan food consumption and minimise what becomes waste. With a continued focus on improving our on-site waste management systems, we measure and track different kinds of food waste, and partner with experts to help us save money for our clients and conserve agricultural resources for future generations.

Environmental Welfare

As a minimum, products derived from animals must comply with all applicable legislation relating to animal welfare in the country of production. In addition, we endorse the Farm Animal Welfare Council Five Freedoms Principles. We are collaborating with partners such as Compassion in World Farming, Humane Society International and the Humane League to establish a framework against which we can continually improve our approach to animal welfare and environmental action.

Corporate Social Responsibility, ethical sourcing
Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainable sourcing, local sourcing

Human rights, Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking – Modern Day Slavery Act

We uphold the Ethical Trading Initiatives Base Code to maintain visibility and transparency within our supply chain, in order to protect those who work within it from abuse and exploitation. We use Supplier Ethical Data Exchange to improve visibility of our supply chain and undertake risk assessments that inform a program of visits and assessments, the results of which are used to engage with our suppliers and effect improvements. You can read our Modern Day Slavery Statement here.