A Sustainable Refurb for Defence

ESS, through our DefenceLife specialist services program, has proudly delivered services to North Bandiana Barracks since 2004. Recently, we led a mess refurbishment of the site, elevating the base experience for members and refreshing the space. 

During this project, the opportunity arose to align with the National Waste Policy Action Plan. This plan supports the environmentally sustainable procurement and use of recycled plastics. This refurb brought some of our core values to life in driving innovation and sustainability, featuring sustainable eco furniture.

A mess on base is no small space to refurb. Creating a great space for members to dine, connect and refuel is critical. It’s important that the space is inviting, functional, comfortable and serves its purpose. To ensure customer centricity, we held co-design workshop with key stakeholders encouraging collaboration between Hospitality and Catering, Waste, and Albury Wodonga Military Area Base Management team.

The Refurbishment

Durability and sustainability of the furniture was a major focus for this refurbishment. We sourced from an Australian ecofriendly furniture specialist, Minesite Furniture, to provide beautiful, recycled wood furniture.

Their furniture features recycled timber so no two pieces are identical and are highly durable. The timber they feature comes from reclaimed fence pailings, old wharves, bridges and historic buildings. As a company, Minesite Furniture are in full support of the preservation of natural and historical resources, as well as the social and economic sustainability through prioritisation of work culture and supporting local charities in the community.

We also sourced from Tilia Furniture, who specialise in permanent furniture that resists time. They have adopted the principle of reflecting the importance they attach to nature, people, and being good in all areas of business. Tilia’s products are made from 100% recyclable polypropylene / fiberglass material. Additionally, they actively recycle by-products and imperfect or non-standard products with zero material waste!

The mess project achieved complete waste-to-landfill diversion, which was a highlight. Existing furniture was disposed of by reselling, repurposing and recycling the assets.

After Refurbishment

Before Refurbishment


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