Cleaning up the Competition: ESS helps Tina’s dream flourish

With a focus on building diversity in our supply chain, while enriching the communities that we work in, Compass Group Australia is committed to creating opportunities for First Nations people and their businesses,  as outlined in our 2022 – 2025 Reconciliation Action Plan. Through connecting with Kalkadoon First Nations Elders, our ESS team recently discovered Tina Coggan, a First Nations Kalkadoon woman who had a strong interest in growing her cleaning business.

Ever since I was young, I have known two things – I love cleaning and one day, I wanted to be my own boss,” shares Tina. “As a proud single mother of two children, my purpose and the reason I want to own my own business is all about showing my kids and the younger Indigenous generations that your life goal should not just be about getting into university or getting straight As; it’s about working hard to achieve your dreams.”

Walking alongside Tina on this journey for the past year, ESS Area Manager Sarah de Ruyter has been inspired by Tina’s work ethic and passion for the job. “Tina was eager and had the drive and passion to start something on her own,” shares Sarah. “Where Compass Group was able to support, was through the investment in her goal and supporting her along every step of the way.”

Collaborating closely with ESS, part of Compass Group Australia, Tina successfully established ‘Tina Coggan Cleaning’ and set up the essential business processes and procedures and was onboarded as a Compass Group supplier. She worked hard to provide comprehensive training for her team and formulated a strategy to further her client base throughout the Mt Isa region. Now, Tina is proud to lead a small team of three Indigenous women and she meets with the ESS team weekly to overcome any challenges, as well as look for new opportunities.

“Not only was ESS able to support Tina to launch a fully owned and operated Kalkadoon business but Tina has now created stepping stones for other First Nations individuals in the area,” shares Sarah. “Together, we have all learned that we have the tools and resources to support and grow small businesses in our local area, so now, we look in the future to generate and keep revenue local to the regions in which we operate and in turn, support our rural communities.”

The outcome of this initiative has resulted in the first-of-its-kind Compass Group Australia-led business incubation initiative, whereby a 100% First Nations, female-owned business has been started with the help and support of ESS.

In March this year, Tina will celebrate her first anniversary in business and has bright dreams for the future which we look forward to being part of.

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