Compass Group targets food waste with international day of action

• Annual event sees Compass Group clients, suppliers and country teams come together to support charities, hold live cooking demonstrations, workshops and speaker events focused on more taste, less waste
• Compass group Australia launches new food waste reduction system, My Waste
• Compass Group donated over 1,100 tonnes of food in 2020, equivalent to more than two million meals, across its core markets, to help local communities and reduce food waste during the pandemic

28 April 2021: Compass Group, a global leader in food service, today marks the fifth Stop Food Waste Day, an international day of action in the fight against food waste.

Launched by Compass Group USA in 2017, Stop Food Waste Day is an annual event to raise awareness of the issue of food waste and encourage the industry, from farm to fork, to reduce the amount of food thrown away. Working across over 45 countries in partnership with suppliers, employees and customers, Stop Food Waste Day aims to deliver meaningful solutions to address this global problem.

Andrew Brightmore, Compass Group Australia’s Executive Director of the Foodbuy supply chain organisation, says as the world’s largest food service provider, the company takes the responsibility and opportunity to work across the Australian Supply Chain, to invest in the elimination of food waste, very seriously. 

“Both globally and across Australia, we provide great food and great service from the CBD to some of the country’s most remote and environmentally sensitive locations. Through our ‘WorldFirst’ program, we work in partnership with our Clients and our Supply Partners to invest in ethical and sustainable supply chains, new product innovations and enable ‘Purpose-led Procurement’ in creating real change in our industry.”

“From our investments and culinary expertise in recipe and menu design, through to partnerships with organisations such as OzHarvest, Sedex, MSC, RSPCA and many others, we are able to couple our ‘grown here and not flown here’ sourcing focus with our global experience in sustainability and food waste.“

Today, Compass clients and country teams will come together, remotely and in-person, to focus on reducing food surplus and collecting and donating surplus food and money raised to OzHarvest, as well as unit activities such as pop-up demos and chefs’ tables.

As their first Major National Food Service Partner, Compass Group works closely with OzHarvest to help reduce food waste. Wherever possible, any surplus food is offered to OzHarvest who distributes it to people in need. In addition, Compass Group provides funding from fundraising initiatives that help the organisation deliver 200,000 meals per year. 

Today, Compass Group Australia is also announcing the launch of its food waste reduction system, My Waste, developed to reduce manual handling risks, improve efficiency to lower cost and to minimise impact on the environment.

The tracking scales are designed with safety in mind and generate automated reports for Site Managers, Head Chefs and Catering Managers to highlight trends and identify key areas to focus effort on, to meaningfully reduce food waste on site. Web-based action plans allow for central review and reporting to set and track goals.

Shelley Roberts, Managing Director of Compass Group Australia said, “One third of all food produced globally is wasted every year, and as the world recovers from the pandemic, the issue of food waste has never been more important. As the global leader in food service, we have a clear role to play in driving permanent change across our industry. We know that the greatest impact is only possible by working alongside our suppliers, partners, clients, the Government and consumers. Despite this last year testing us all, our teams have remained focused on reducing food waste, but we know that much more is needed to make lasting, sustainable change. That’s why, today and every day, we continue to educate our teams and customers on how they can play their part in reducing food waste as we work to achieve a more sustainable future.”


About Stop Food Waste Day
Stop Food Waste Day is an international day of action in the fight against food waste, an issue which has been brought into even sharper focus by the COVID-19 pandemic. Roughly one-third of the food produced globally is either lost or wasted every year. Launched in 2017 by Compass Group PLC, the global leader in food service, on 28 April 2021 consumers, corporates and influencers across +30 countries will work together to raise awareness and inspire change around the critical issue of food waste.

About Compass Group Australia
Compass Group Australia is a leading food and support services organisation, supporting clients in Australia since 1969. The company engages more than 11,000 employees to operate in more than 500 locations, serving thousands of people every day through food and support services focused on health and wellbeing. 

Compass Group’s operations are extensive across Australia, including both onshore and offshore facilities and they reflect a diverse client base encompassing schools and universities, venues and leisure facilities, the energy, resources and Defence sectors, hospitals and aged care facilities, airline lounges and feeding thousands of people at work.

Compass group proudly plays an important role in supporting and creating careers paths for disadvantaged Australians and sources 81% of food and beverages from local Australian growers and manufacturers.


PJ Brooks, Compass Group Australia Communications Manager
P: +61 428 782 318
E: [email protected]


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