Compass Group Australia wins award for work towards eliminating sexual harassment

Compass Group Australia has been announced as the winners of the AMMA Health and Wellbeing Award for our continued focus to eliminate sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace and broader communities in which we operate.

Sexual harassment and discrimination will never be tolerated or accepted in any sector that we are part of. Over the past 18 months, we have been taking steps and experiencing what does and does not work when it comes to shifting behaviours. This has helped us identify broader corrective actions and uncover the root causes and ‘why’ that lead to incidents – enabling us to provide better support and take action to make real cultural and sustainable change.

As we share our learnings and experiences more broadly, we have been collaborating with others in the industry to address the collective community in residential environments such as mining villages. We welcome any clients and leaders in the industry, who also want change, to reach out.

To date, we have seen a shift in the industry, with many leaders looking to collaborate with us and participate in initiatives to eliminate sexual harassment and discrimination in the resources sector. Feedback, like below, has been welcoming of positive change.

“Thank you for being so genuine and transparent as to your approach in making a more diverse, inclusive and safe environment for your employees. Following on from the forum we have liaised with our Diversity & Inclusiveness Steering Committee and have discussed ways we can implement some of the key takeaways from the event. We were wondering if we could organise a time with you and your team to discuss deeper the things Compass are doing to help start the discussion on collaborating to create cultural change. We agree that change can’t be independently lead, and there needs to be a collective shift in the industry, and by working with the miners and other contractors we can create better, safer and more diverse and inclusive environments.”

We understand that eliminating sexual harassment and discrimination is an ongoing focus. True success for us is when this is achieved not only in our workforce but industry wide.

Recognised as industry leaders, this important award acknowledges the commitment to physical and psychological safety in workplaces, with the mental health and wellbeing of our industry’s people playing a very large part of this commitment.

Announced at the 2021 AMMA Gala Dinner on 19 & 21 October, in Brisbane and Perth respectively, Compass Group was presented with the award. 

You can read the AMMA media release here.


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