Cook & Granger Café Making Moves Towards Tangible Sustainability

Cook & Granger is our new food and beverage retail concept designed specifically to meet the unique needs of Australia’s hospital environment. Delivering healthy food to exceed the strict Australian health guidelines. It doesn’t stop there, this new café is bringing social purpose and tangible sustainability to life daily through our staff, programs and products.

This café concept ties into an overall philosophy to be considered, relevant, and purpose driven. It was specifically designed with Australia’s hospital and healthcare sector in mind. To meet the dietary and nutritional needs of all patients, staff, or visitors. It allows our clients to drive meaningful and tangible sustainability and social purpose initiatives.

Check out the video below to learn more about how our new concept ‘Cook & Granger’ is shaping purpose-led cafes and retail to see how you can play a part in something bigger.

What are we doing, and why?

Each Cook & Granger café will never settle for standard and always strive for excellence. Considered and responsible procurement. Leading sustainable programming. Diversity and inclusion at the forefront. Purposeful community engagement. Finally, health and wellness delivered every day.

We believe in the power of food and hospitality to enrich the lives of our people and customers. Supporting health, wellbeing and sustainable prosperity of our communities and planet. We are taking actions to deliver tangible sustainability; operationally delivering positive changes or enhancements that scale up to support corporate goals.

This includes everything from Indigenous business engagement and sourcing, to sourcing local, bringing plant-forward to life and more. Working with with sustainably minded business such as Farmwall to bring in onsite hydroponics. Great coffee like Lavazza Tierra Bio-Organic for Planet Beans. Change Please addressing homelessness through training and meaningful employment. These are just a few of the initiatives we have launched at Cook & Granger.

We can all do more, let’s start your journey today. Want to know more or have a hospital retail opportunity? We’d love to talk.

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