Foraging for Fungi with Fable

When Compass Group partnered with global market intelligence agency Mintel to produce our recent Global Eating at Work Survey, we found Gen Z workers across Australia, are calling for enhanced wellbeing, sustainable benefits and healthier food in the workplace. This only reaffirmed our approach to work with only the best suppliers that align with our highest standards of ethics and integrity which has earned us our position as global leader and trusted partner. Fable, a tribe of self-proclaimed ‘mushroom-loving rebels’ has been working with Compass Group Australia since 2021 to support our plant-forward focus and their Shiitake mushrooms, whose umami flavours are naturally meat-like, encourage people to eat less meat without sacrificing flavour.

To better understand our supply partner and the concept of their mushroom-rich foods and sustainable footprint, our Eurest and Restaurant Associates teams organised a day of mushroom foraging, so together, they could enjoy a mushroom feast with Fable.

An old-age practice, mushroom foraging combines the thrill of exploration with the delights of gastronomy and a deep respect for the environment. In the search for edible mushrooms in their natural habitat, it embodies the ethos of sustainability and conservation, and foraging plays a part in safeguarding delicate ecosystems, promoting biodiversity and fostering a deeper connection with the natural world.

Serving up a variety of Fable’s mushroom-based, sustainable, vegan-friendly dishes after the forage, the group enjoyed a cook-up prepared by Australian renowned chef Simon Toohey with Fable co-founder Jim Fuller.

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