Paying attention to our mental health and wellness is vital. While the topic of mental health is not always an easy one, it’s an essential one and something we must keep front and centre.

Our mental health is like our physical health, we move up and down a wellbeing continuum throughout our lives. Feeling down is normal; it is also normal to feel vulnerable at times and that’s ok. It’s important to acknowledge that each and every one of us has a story, often not shared… nor do they have to be.

What can we do? Simple… to have someone’s back is gift that doesn’t cost you and at Compass Group we value our colleagues and having their back. Our people are our most important asset and their health and wellbeing is our number one priority.

Our Health and Wellbeing program, Tastelife, has just released the new #gotyourback 2020 video, a follow on from last year’s #gotyourback campaign which was so well received, winning an AMMA industry award for the best Health & Wellbeing Initiative.

#gotyourback is all about increasing awareness around mental health and breaking down the stigma associated with not always being ok or asking for help.

A number of our team members contributed their story in the hope that we all realise how important it is for us to talk about how we are really feeling and reach out for help when we need it.


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