Shine On: Celebrating our First Nations Team Members

Compass Group Australia (CGA) values and recognises Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s culture and heritage as a proud part of our shared Australian national identity. For over 30 years, we have been on a journey to support and advocate for true Reconciliation and we are dedicated to continuing the long legacy of support for First Nations Peoples, groups, and businesses.

From 7 July – 14 July this year, Australia acknowledges and celebrates NAIDOC Week, a time for all of us to honour the history, achievements, and resilience of our First Nations communities. It’s an opportunity to learn, reflect, and engage with the stories and traditions that have shaped our country.

Celebrating significant days and events, such as NAIDOC Week, is just one of the many initiatives that CGA is committed to. Alongside Indigenous employment pathways, training programs, joint ventures with small Indigenous businesses, sponsorships, and business incubation programs, commemorating significant days is an important way for us to pay respect to the history of our First Nations Peoples in Australia. It also encourages learning and understanding among all our team members.

You can read the stories of two of our First Nations team members below and understand what the theme of ‘Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud,’ means to them.

Kim Davies

With the support of her family, Kim Davies stepped out of her comfort zone, finding a second home and supportive community working with Telfer in the Pilbara.

Kim Davies - First Nations team member

Previously employed in the Education sector, Kim was keen to find a new path. In 2022, she was accepted into the Indigenous Pre-Employment Program delivered by our DE&I team with Telfer as the host site. After successfully completing it, she achieved a position with CGA as a Utility at Telfer.

Kim’s biggest challenge as a FIFO worker was leaving her family, especially when she became a first-time granny, however, the encouragement from her children and the immense support on site kept her going.

Passionate for learning and development, Kim started working in the Catering team, however was soon given the opportunity to enhance her skills in the Housekeeping team. 

Meeting people from all walks of life, Kim has loved building close friendships with her team, but never forgets the constant love and support she receives from her family back at home.

Important to Kim, NAIDOC Week is a chance for us to come together and experience our First Nations People’s knowledge, stories and food. “We all have a different story,” shares Kim. “NAIDOC Week is a beautiful celebration, as we get to hear these stories from all different parts of Australia.”

Jasmine Rankine

Shining in her first full-time job after being a stay-at-home mum, Jasmine Rankine, a proud Ngarrindjeri woman, first joined CGA as a Catering Assistant at Holiday Inn Express Hotel (HIEX) in Adelaide. Throughout her journey with us, Jasmine has consistently received incredible feedback and loves her role, with a highlight being chatting to overseas guests and educating them about First Nations culture.

When an opportunity for growth arose at CGA, Jasmine, having developed her skills over the past year, was successful in securing the position and proud to show her family that by working hard they can do anything they set their minds to.

Working closely with her site management team, Jasmine used her rapport in the local community to encourage fellow First Nations people to apply for roles in her team.

Through this, she has helped to raise the Indigenous workforce participation rate at HIEX from 8% to 42%, the highest percentage across our business. Her First Nations team members feel inspired thanks to Jasmine and want to follow her example.

Celebrating her second NAIDOC Week with CGA, Jasmine particularly connects with the theme of ‘Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud’, as it speaks to the enduring strength and vitality of her culture.

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Jasmine Rankine - First Nations team member at CGA


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