Hotel Quarantine Project

Since COVID began, Compass Group has partnered with the NSW government and hotels in Sydney CBD to support those returning from overseas who are in isolation as part of the hotel quarantine project.  

Beginning in April 2020, we have since served more than one million meals and counting! This has included the creation of delicious all-day menus focused on nutrition and variety. Our teams have picked and packed breakfast, lunch and dinners both guests and staff alike, including security and hotel staff. This has been no easy feat as we also tailor our menus to suit everyone’s dietary requirements.  

Working in a fast and flexible way, the effort and cross-sector teamwork that our people continue to show is incredible. After receiving a phone call at 9:00am, a team was mobilised by lunchtime, safely and on the same day, meals were served. 

We have a focus on safety; never compromising on allergen requirements, quality or delivery. This ensures we reflect the goals of the government to reduce the spread of the virus within the community.   

We’re proud of the support we have provided to the hotel quarantine project and we will continue to provide this service as long as we’re needed. 

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Looking to return to NSW from overseas? NSW government website has detailed information on everything you need to know about your return. Click here for more information, directly on their website. 


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