Leanpath – Empowering Our Fight Against Food Waste

Food waste reduction is a core element of Planet Promise, Compass Groups' commitment to reach Net Zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our global operations and value chain by 2050.

Developed in partnership with international climate consultancy South Pole our Net Zero strategy includes ambitious carbon emission reduction targets including a 50% reduction in food waste across our global operations by 2030.

One of the latest tools Compass Group Australia have implemented to assist in the achievement of this target is Leanpath, an innovative waste tracking and prevention system. Utilising scales to measure plate and production waste, Leanpath is improving food productivity and cost control across our business, shifting culinary team culture and sparking client and consumer engagement with the food waste problem.

Why Track Food Waste?

Data captured by Leanpath is not only transforming how our teams set reduction targets and identify improvement opportunities, but also positively influencing consumer dining patterns and clients perception.

By putting a monetary and carbon value on waste generated we can clearly demonstrate impact on profitability and the planet. This transparency and insight are proving powerful in sparking awareness, heightened environmental consciousness and behavioural change – diners are thinking twice when making choices and clients are fully recognising the potential operational cost savings associated.

Winston Hugh, National Food Waste Reduction Manager for Compass Group Australia, who is leading the roll out of Leanpath across our operations reinforces the importance of measurement and communication as the first step towards change: “We have found that the greatest impact is achieved when everybody engages with the reduction effort – from culinary staff, operators, clients and consumers. Understanding waste generated, quantifying its impact, and communicating helps everyone make more informed and planet conscious decisions”. 

Now operational across numerous sectors and industries of the Compass Group Australia portfolio, Leanpath is not only enhancing our carbon footprint, but how we do business.

Joe Aitken, National Operations Manager for our Airline Lounge business, comments on how it is helping transform his sector: “Access to accurate waste data is helping us streamline purchasing, production and service. The detailed reporting provided is used to curate menu selections across all service periods, ensuring guest satisfaction whilst maintaining control of costs. 

In addition, it makes it easy for waste reduction to become part of our contractual KPI regimes with clients. Reporting on waste levels and targets fosters collaboration and alignment of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) agendas. To make lasting and impactful change to the food service industry initiatives such as these that spark shared sustainability awareness and improvement efforts are essential”.

While extremely powerful, Leanpath itself is not enough to achieve the ambitious reduction targets we have set ourselves. Other initiatives and partnerships that are aiding in our fight against food waste include: 

– Our partnership with OzHarvest, Australia’s leading food rescue organisation – find out more

– Compass Group Australia being signatories to the Australian Food Waste Pact – find out more

– Recently celebrating our seventh annual Stop Food Waste Day. A global movement created by Compass Group to shine a light on the issue and empower the communities we serve with knowledge, tips and tricks to reduce food waste – find out more


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