With Bounce-Back Comes Big Opportunity

When a global pandemic focuses attention on protecting business, it’s hard to think about growth opportunities. But does this mean that Australian food and beverage businesses risk missing critical Asian opportunities in the post-COVID-19 bounce-back? In an article in Food&Drink Business magazine, we explore this very topic. 

The most difficult time to think about growth is often when your business and/or your industry is under pressure. But it is during these times, that opportunities for growth should be top of mind. Unless we do, all of us in the Food and Beverage business in Australia will miss out on one of the biggest opportunities in a very long time at a point when we really need to jump-start our economy.

In this article, Mark van Dyck, Managing Director – Compass Group Asia Pacific explores this and the unique opportunity facing Australian businesses as we bounce-back from COVID-19. While China’s economy is still operating below full capacity, food and drink are rebounding strongly, building on long running food trends. But investors and boards are very nervous about Asia. There is a general lack of deep Asia experience in corporate Australia both at executive and board level.

Asia has the worlds largest and fastest growing middle class and these consumers demand premium goods and services. The Australian food and drink industry is perfectly positioned to supply food that is clean, green and has traceability. 

Click here to read the full article from Mark van Dyck, in his op-ed article in Food & Drink Business magazine.


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