Meet our people – Wendy Garner

Working for 20 years at Worsley Refinery, Wendy Garner is much loved and respected by her colleagues and peers. Never complacent, she is an integral part of the team; always completing her tasks to the highest standard and aspiring to achieve the best she can.

As a full-time team member, who has been tasked with cleaning the main admin facility at the Worsley SOUTH 32 refinery, Wendy is responsible for 2 levels, which contains 4 kitchens, 4 ablution facilities, the central control room for the whole refinery, as well as meeting rooms and work stations for over 100 employees.

This facility is required to be kept to a high standard as is often utilised for meetings for esteemed guests and the standard that Wendy achieves is a real credit to her character and work ethic.

Positive, trustworthy and friendly, it’s no surprise that when Wendy’s colleagues were asked to describe her, there was nothing but glowing responses which were shared with her at a celebratory afternoon tea.

Congratulations Wendy on this incredible milestone! Your dedication and contribution is invaluable and you are appreciated beyond measure.

Employee engagement

“I have known Wendy for 11 years – she trained me when I started with the company. Working alongside Wendy has always been a pleasure. Her training skill, personality and willingness is a huge asset to the company.” – Julie


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