Compass Group Australia Supports an Indigenous Voice

Compass Group has an established history of reconciliation and advocating for an Indigenous Voice. For over 30 years we’ve been on a journey to support and advocate for true Reconciliation and firmly believe that a better future for our people, and the communities in which we operate, is an inclusive one.

Compass Group believes that having and promoting a constitutionally enshrined ‘Indigenous Voice’ in this country is critical in reaffirming and recognising the unique status and contribution of First Nations peoples.

Having an inclusive workplace and understanding and accepting the wrongs of the past and their impact, has a profound bearing on increasing awareness and understanding between Australia’s First peoples and other Australians; and significantly aids the efforts to close the disparity gap for First Nations peoples.

In alliance with Reconciliation Australia and more than 70 companies across Australia, Compass Group supports constitutional recognition for First Nations Australians, and a ‘Yes’ vote in the Referendum, to allow continuity of Voice and the opportunity to continue to make impactful, sustainable and long-term change.

We invite all Australians to join us as we take this step to make our nation a stronger, fairer, better place for all.

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