MAXimum Solutions for Inclusivity

With over 13,000 employees and 700+ operational sites across Australia, Compass Group Australia (CGA) has an opportunity to step forward and work collaboratively with organisations to really make a difference in people’s lives.

Maintaining a strong partnership with employment, disability and training services provider MAX Solutions, CGA is proud that in 2022, we could support 157 people living with an injury or disability to work with us.

With a drive for continual improvement and advancement in the diversity space, CGA is dedicated to flexible recruitment processes and respects the value of each individual and what they can bring to our team. This kind of flexibility opens up opportunity for people living with disability, as well as others who may experience challenges that might see them excluded during a hiring process.

The result? Great employees that bring a range of unique talents to deliver exceptional food and service to hundreds of clients across Australia.

Many of the friendly Eurest team at Holiday Inn Express Hotels (HIEX) are a direct result of flexible recruitment processes and our partnership with MAX Employment, with 13 candidates onboarded across HIEX hotels in 2022.

Catering Assistant, Mary Jean Rice, had 20 years’ experience as a cleaner before a shoulder injury made it harder to find and keep work. Struggling to re-enter the workforce, through MAX Solutions she joined the CGA team and hasn’t looked back.

I wear my uniform with pride,” shares Mary. “I feel respected and supported, particularly due to problems with my shoulder, but it doesn’t stop me from working hard. I plan to work with the Eurest team until I retire.”

Read more about CGA’s partnership and commitment to diversity and inclusion here.

If you’re struggling to find work, have an injury or disability, reach out to Max Solutions here.

Read more about our People here


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