Safety First

Safety is critically important at Compass Group.
We place it first in everything we do.

Our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality policies are unequalled in the catering and support services industry and we take the utmost care to reduce the risk of incidents and injuries in the working environment, and to make sure that we maintain the highest standards of food hygiene and safety.

Our Safety Culture

In recognition that workplace safety is more than just rules and regulations, Compass Group has also worked hard to instil a positive safety culture – which is the values, attitudes and behaviours towards safety shared by people in a workplace. Every individual at Compass Group takes personal accountability for safety practices within their own area of responsibility and safety is the first thought before undertaking any task. Our safety standards are enshrined in our Food Safety and our Health and Safety handbooks which provide clear guidance and learning for all our employees to understand and apply our safe operational standards. Our Fatal Risk and Critical Control program also looks at parts of work that has the potential for very serious consequences.

To improve Compass Group’s safety culture, we have and continue to review safety research, lessons learnt from incidents in our industry and consult across our global network to develop a framework that defines the critical behaviours that characterise a strong safety culture.

Our safety behaviours are underpinned by our ‘See Care Share’ philosophy which reminds our people of the reasons why it is important to stay safe: that their family, friends, colleagues and community rely on them. Our employees are empowered to identify hazard or potential safety concerns, take action to remove them and fix the situation and share with colleagues to ensure we can all learn from the findings.

We would be happy to share more information on our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality policies and programs. 


Keeping Each Other Safe – Compass Group Australia’s Vaccination Policy

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve put the wellbeing and safety of our clients, employees, their families and the community front and centre in all that we do. 

We’ve supported vulnerable and Indigenous communities, focussed on mental health support and developed innovative solutions to help businesses in getting employees, guests and clients back to enjoying food in the workplace safely.

Aligned with Public Health Orders and client directions, Compass Group Australia has also implemented a vaccination policy requiring both new and existing employees to be fully vaccinated by 31 January 2022, unless there is an approved medical exemption.

Compass Group has a moral, ethical, and legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace for all, while also helping to protect local communities, particularly remote, regional and Indigenous communities where immediate medical care is less accessible.

Getting vaccinated is one of the most important ways to keep each other safe. We conducted an extensive consultation process with our employees in relation to COVID-19 and our ongoing actions to prevent transmission. The outcome was strong support for mandatory vaccinations across all employees, agency team members, and suppliers who have the potential to be close contacts. 

Our policy reflects our care, responsibility and combined with our ongoing health and safety program, offers the best possible protection in keeping our people safe, healthy and together.